Wednesday, January 30, 2008

IRS Phone Call Scams

As mentioned above the IRS put out a warning today for scams involving the IRS. These scams can range from phone calls from people claiming to be with the IRS to emails supposedly sent from the IRS. I would like to stress that the IRS DOES NOT send out emails to the general public and that the IRS does not force people to use direct deposit for their refunds. Here is the latest update on the Phone Scams reported by the IRS.

Rebate Phone Call

At least one scheme using the word “rebate” as part of the lure has been identified. In that scam, consumers receive a phone call from someone identifying himself as an IRS employee. The caller tells the targeted victim that he is eligible for a sizable rebate for filing his taxes early. The caller then states that he needs the target’s bank account information for the direct deposit of the rebate. If the target refuses, he is told that he cannot receive the rebate.

This phone call is a scam. No legislation has yet been enacted that would allow the IRS to provide advance payments to taxpayers or that determines the details of those payments. Moreover, the IRS does not force taxpayers to use direct deposit. Those who opt for direct deposit do so by completing the appropriate section of their tax return, with bank routing and account information, when they file; the IRS does not gather the information by telephone.

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